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Looking for CEU's or credits towards certification or re-certification? Need to brush up on some classes but can't find the time? For your convenience, we offer a number of courses on-line. Many of these courses include class study materials as well as online tests. Study at your leisure and then take the test when you are ready!

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Listing of Available Online Courses
Course TitleCostContact Hours
Adolescent Dieting$25.001.0buy now
Antibiotic Resistance Crisis$25.003.0buy now
Cerebral Aneurysms$25.002.0buy now
Chest Tubes$25.003.0buy now
Communication Skills$25.001.0buy now
Cushings Syndrome$25.001.0buy now
Domestic Violence (1 Hour)$25.001.0buy now
Domestic Violence (3 Hour)$25.003.0buy now
Emphysema In-Service$25.003.0buy now
GHB$25.000.0buy now
Great Foods$25.001.0buy now
HIPAA$25.001.0buy now
HIV/AIDS Update$25.002.0buy now
Hypertension In-Service$25.003.0buy now
Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps$25.003.0buy now
IV Therapy Administration Course for LPN's$325.000.0buy now
Level "A" Educator Course$75.000.0buy now
Level "B" Educator Course$50.000.0buy now
Malpractice$16.002.0buy now
Neonatal ICU Problems$8.001.0buy now
Neonatal Resuscitation: Problems and Issues$16.002.0buy now
OSHA 2014 Needlestick Injuries Update$8.001.0buy now
Patient Restraints$25.001.0buy now
Patient Triage and Chemical Weapons$8.001.0buy now
Pediatric AIDS and HIV$25.002.0buy now
Prevention of Medical Errors$25.000.0buy now
Pulmonary Embolism$25.003.0buy now
Responding to Incidents of National Significance$10.003.0buy now


The following package discounts are available:

Listing of Available Online Courses
Title Price (Purchased Separately) Packaged Cost Contact Hours
PSA Package
This package contains the following:
  • Domestic Violence (1 Hour) ... normally priced $25.00
  • HIV/AIDS Update ... normally priced $25.00
  • Prevention of Medical Errors ... normally priced $25.00
$75.00$19.993.0buy now